The International Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) Competition.


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Preliminary Solvers

20 May 2023

List of Preliminary Solvers

The list of submitted solvers is online now. If you submitted a solver, please check that your solver was added to the intended tracks and divisions and check the other info we have. Note that there are a few new logics this year.

StarExec Test Runs

We have run Test Jobs on StarExec with the submitted solvers. Please check if the result from your solver are as expected. You should check the summary and you can download the job output and check for suspicious error messages for your solvers. In particular if your solved count is 0. We only ran a few benchmarks per logic for testing and only with a 2 minute timeout. I suspect some of the solvers still have problems in the starexec environment.

Note that the scoring is not always correct. The incremental job cannot be scored by starexec, so it’s normal that the summary shows 0 solved. For this job you have to check the output, or download the Job Info table. For the other tracks, the scoring may also be wrong if the benchmark does not have a known status.

You can download the Job Info table which contains a CSV file with all benchmark/solver pairs, the expected result and the starexec result. The Job output file contains all outputs for all runs including error messages.

If your solver has problems in the StarExec environment, you can use the StarExec VM image to debug any problems. You can also use this to compile your solver to ensure it is compatible with the glibc version. Alternatively use static binaries or a CentOS-7 docker image for compilation.