The International Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) Competition.


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Call for solvers

07 Feb 2023

The submission deadline for the first version of the solvers is on May 13. However, it is useful for the organizing team to know in advance which and how many solvers may be entering. If you have not submitted a solver before, or if you think there may be unusual circumstances, please let us know at your earliest convenience if you think you may be submitting a solver to SMT-COMP’23. We require a system description for all submitted solvers as part of the submission of the preliminary solver versions (deadline May 13).

The parallel and cloud tracks will again run on AWS, which is kindly supporting them. Participants of these tracks are required to submit their solver via a GitHub repository (which can be private). The repository should contain a docker file that compiles the solver. Detailed instructions for submitting to these tracks are available in the aws-samples repository (they lift to SMT).

To participate teams must email with the following:

  1. name of the solver and a list of the authors
  2. your AWS account number
  3. the URL of the GitHub repository including the branch
  4. the full, 40-character SHA-1 hash of the commit

One significant difference in the organization this year is that a preliminary system description is required at the same time as the preliminary solver submission. The goal is to ensure that the solvers follow the rules on derived solvers.


The organizing team